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The Municipal Fire Commander, Theophilus Dangbe has stated that he and his team are committed to preventing the outbreak of fires instead of waiting till they occur to be called for their service. The team has visited corporate bodies in the municipality and had trainings with these institutions on how to prevent fire outbreaks to save lives and property. They also gave contingency plans and recommendations to some institutions which did not have good preventive and fire-fighting equipment.
Some of the institutions which were visited and tasked to adhere to specific recommendations and contingency plans were:
 Poly Tank Ghana Limited- Spintex
 Coca Cola Company Limited –Spintex
 Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Co. Limited –Spintex
 Baatsona Total Filling Station- Baastona
 Trade Cross Gas Filling Station- Spintex
 Coco Beach Hotel- Teshie
 GREDA Estate Area – (Flood Prone Zone)
 Teshie- Nungua Estate (Flood Prone Zone)
 Dutch Hotel (Flood Prone Zone)
 Robinhood Hotel (Flood Prone Zone)
 LEKMA Hospital – Teshie
 The Junction Mall- Nungua
 Nungua Senior High School-Nungua
A follow up visit was made to these institutions to find out whether they have carried out what has been prescribed for them in the contingency plan as well as the recommendations during the initial visit by the Fire Service.
The Fire Commander disclosed that around same time last year, 60 cases of fire outbreaks were recorded but this year 2017, only 20 cases have been recorded so far. He attributed this success to the new approach of community by community and institution by institution training and sensitisation they have adopted.
Some of the institutions visited to check their compliance include the Junction Mall at Nungua, Nungua Senior High School, Nungua market among others
The eight-member team from the Municipal Fire Command that embarked on this exercise exercise were as follows:
1. DO Theophilus Dangbe-Municipal Fire Commander
2. SO Christopher Akita
3. ADO Paulina Gyedua
4. SO Charles Coffie
5. GO Lucy Ayivor
6. GO Augustina Ayee
7. ASO Michael Akwei
8. AGO Thywill Gidiglo

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