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The Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly has organized a day town hall meeting each for Teshie and Nungua on Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th March, 2017 respectively. These programmes were held at the Teshie Peniel Presby Church and the Nungua Evangelical Church of God.
The Teshie event saw the participation of some traditional leaders from the Teshie community. Rev Samuel Ashidam chaired both events at Teshie and Nungua. He was supported by the Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Kodjoe Dekpo and other heads of departments and units who subsequently engaged the participants and answered some questions.
The opening address for the Teshie event was done by the Municipal Planning Officer, Mr. Kofi Taylor Appiah whereas that of Nungua was done by the MCD, Mr. Kodjoe Dekpo. In his address, he urged for active participation for all stakeholders of the Assembly to champion development within the stipulated time. He reiterated the fact that Assemblies were created to bring local governance to the door steps of the people and the need for accountability is the reason for the various town hall meetings during the year.
The Municipal Planning Officer also in his presentation called on the Assembly members and the members of the Zonal Councils to help push the development agenda by offering their support. He again called on all stakeholders of the Assembly to deliberate on the current development plan which will end this year, either they will maintain it or change it to suit the current developmental issues.
Mr. Taylor Appiah, the Municipal Planning Officer singled out the acquisition of lands for projects as one of the major problems the Assembly is currently facing. “Projects take place on a space of land not in the sky” he said. He made it known to the participants in his presentation of some of the finished and semi-finished projects in the Assembly and some that were taken away by the government because of lack of land for those projects. Litigation on most of the project lands has been the reason for the delays in their completion. He further went on to appeal to the traditional authorities present to help in the acquisition of lands for various projects in the Assembly. During his presentations pictures of newly completed CHPS compound at Teshie camp 2, 2-unit storey classroom block at Teshie (Uncompleted), 18- unit storey classroom block in Nungua (uncompleted) and another uncompleted CHPS compound in Nungua were shown.
The presentation and review of the Assembly’s budget was done by the Municipal Budget Officer Mrs. Cecilia Ofori-Asante. She reviewed projects for 2016 and listed those projects that have been accomplished and those that are still undone. She then projected the Assembly’s budget for 2017. During both events she stated that the Assembly’s main source of funding is the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) and the external revenue from the Government of Ghana (GOG). The Assembly in its provisional budget for 2016 made a target of 30 million cedis for GOG but ended up getting 15 million cedis, approximately half of the targeted amount. In terms of the IGF, the Assembly targeted 4.9 million cedis but was only able to raise 4.4 million cedis after the collection of Property Rates and other tolls. She added that short falls of anticipated revenue both internal and external affected most of the Assembly’s activities and this has caused the uncompleted projects on the budget to be rolled over to 2017.
Again, in her presentations, she enlightened the participants on the measures the Assembly is taking to block all its loopholes in revenue collection in order to achieve its IGF target. She stated that the Assembly is moving from manual revenue collection for its property rates to electronic way of revenue collection. Bills can now be paid through mobile money and other selected banks in the localities. She further appealed to the general public to corporate with staff from LEKMA who are currently in town embarking on revaluation of all properties this she believed will aid in the allocation and distribution of appropriate property rate bills.
In education, the Assembly provided school desks and other facilities to most schools in its jurisdiction. Budget allocation has also been provided for some new school buildings that have to be furnished.
Sanitation remains a huge dilemma in LEKMA and measures like purchase of sanitary tool and desilting of drains in the municipality have been budgeted for in the current Assembly budget.
LEKMA has also decided to build office and residential facilities for its staff to help solve the pending non-availability of office space and other accommodation problems faced by some of its departments at the Assembly. The Assembly was able to purchase 3 pickups for administrative work. Some other things that were budgeted for include, capacity building training for staff, environment and disaster management projects and other administrative expenses.
The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and the World Bank have embarked on a project that aims at improving sanitation and water supply in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA). They are aiming at getting each household without a toilet facility get one at half price in the 11 Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies in the Greater Accra Region. During the Nungua event of the Town Hall Meeting, leader of the delegation, Nana Danquah and other Officials from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and the GAMA project were there to engage the participants in sensitization and public awareness of the project. The participants were later introduced to an 8-Member Social Audit Committee created by GAMA. This Committee has been given the mandate to audit and probe as well as help look out for complaints emerging from the projects and with the help of the Project Coordinator solve those problems.
During both meetings participants were given the chance to voice out their concerns and also advice on issues in relation to the development of the Assembly.
Imam Abubarkar Ghartey, a participant, asked of the where about of the remaining funds for 2016 and also if the Assembly engages the traditional leaders in the developmental issues of the community.
Mrs. Eunice Laryea a resident of the Regimanuel Estate in Nungua complained of lack of development in their estates and appealed to the Assembly to support them fix their roads and street lights.
Some participants also complained of high rates of the building permits and property rates. In answering that, the Municipal Budget Officer, Mrs. Cecilia Ofori-Asante assured them of the revaluation exercise that is currently underway will rectify this by helping the Assembly issue the appropriate rates.
When it comes to roads and transport in the Assembly, participants from the Teshie Drivers Union complained of the lack of a permanent lorry station and appealed to the Assembly to provide them with one. In addition to the above they requested for all abandoned road projects to be completed.
Participants also complained of lack of road signs on the Teshie stretch of the Accra – Tema Beach road, from the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Center traffic light to the Total filling station.
At the Nungua event, participants advised the Assembly to form a “Land for Project Committee” and involve them in the search of the lands for those Assembly projects that go back to the government because of lack of land.
A representative from the Regional Maritime University complained of the narrow nature of culverts in the university and called on the Assembly to help open up those culverts and desilt the drains to allow free passage of water especially during the rainy season.
Mr. Jacob Bortey, a participant at the Nungua event also complained of the fast approaching squatters along the Baatsonaa railway lines. Some of these he said are criminals who at night ransack peoples home and rob them of their valuables.


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