Homowo Festival

This is the main festival celebrated by the Ga communities. Each Ga clan has a set date for the celebration of the Homowo festival. The celebrations of Homowo sometimes start from July on some parts of Accra and in August in other parts. Homowo literally translates as ‘hooting at hunger’ and is celebrated yearly by the Gas to remember the victory they had over hunger some years ago.

Homowo is usually noted for the symbolic Kpoi-kpoi which is prepared in almost every household during this season. Kpoi-kpoi is prepared from ground corn, which is steamed and mixed with palm oil. Kpoi-kpoi is enjoyed with palm-nut soup. The chief priest offers prayers and pours libation for tranquility and wealth in the coming farming and fishing year. The chief for each area sprinkles kpo-kpoi on the streets followed by drumming and dancing. During this period anyone can go into any household and eat with a neighbor or friend.