Educational Characteristics

The Municipality has in total 156 Primary Schools with only 27% of these schools provided by the public sector while as much as 73% are privately owned. In the case of the Junior High Schools, out of a total of 123, 36% are public while 64% belong to private individuals. The Senior High Schools also recorded only 13% of the 15 schools belonging to the public while the majority 87% are owned by the private sector. There is only one tertiary institution in the Municipality, the Regional Maritime University which is privately owned.

Other specialised institutions in the municipality include:
1.    The Ghana Commercial Bank training school
2.    The Kofi Anan International Peacekeeping Training Center
3.    The Ghana Military Academy and the Southern Command of the Ghana Armed Forces
In addition, there are two nursing training schools in the municipality.

As a common feature of urban centers, the private sector dominates in the provision of educational services and facilities in the municipality and all efforts should therefore be made to encourage the sector in this regard.

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