Health Facilities

The Municipality currently has three key types of health facilities namely hospital, health centres/health post and others. These categories are also placed under the broad headings of government, and private. At the moment there are a total of 9 health facilities made up of four (4) hospitals, one (1) health centre/post and four (4) other low hierarchy facilities such as clinics etc.
A health centre and reproductive and child health clinics are available to provide clinical/ preventive service in the Municipality which are

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found within the ranges of out-patient and in-patient, public health services; reproductive and child health services, nutrition, pharmacy, laboratory and X-Ray). There are also specialist hospitals such as the Family Health, Manna Mission and Lister Hospitals which provide obstetric and gynecological procedures as well as catering services. At the moment a 100 bed ultra modern hospital is being constructed by the Chinese Government in collaboration with Government of Ghana.

Some Hospitals in the Municipality

  • Lister Hospital

  • Family Health
  • Manna Mission Hospital

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