Public Health

The Municipality has 12 cemeteries with 6 being Royal while the other 6 are public. None of these cemeteries is however in good shape because in most cases they are not well managed and are therefore unkempt. A situation which makes them a den for criminals as well as an illegal refuse damp for

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adjoining communities. This constitutes a major challenge for the Assembly to initiate the necessary measures to intervene in order to address this issue. It is appreciated that when the cemeteries are well managed they would not only beautify the communities but also serve as a source of revenue for the Assembly. The table below shows locations of the various cemeteries.

The state of public toilets also posses another development challenge for the Assembly. A head count of public toilets reveals that there are 54 public toilets in the Municipality. The Assembly has a management contract with private individuals in the management of these facilities. It is also worth mentioning that most of the public toilets are found in deprived sections of the Municipality and there has been a shift from its original purpose of serving visitors to the communities to its current use by households. In other words the public toilets are now the inconvenient substitute for majority of households who lack domestic toilets. The toilets themselves are a menace to the urban poor because in most instances they are far too few and far too poorly managed. The need for a enforcement of building regulations and comprehensive programmes for household toilets can therefore not be overemphasised.

The Assembly has however initiated measures to replace very old public toilets with new and modern ones, in line with modern trends. The challenge however relates to supply of water to these new toilets due to the generally poor water supply network in the Municipality.

The lack of household toilets in deprived areas also points to the fact that urinals are non existent in such areas. It is therefore common to observe illegally constructed makeshift urinals designed across community drains. There is also one modern butchers shop at the Teshie Market to ensure proper handling of meat sold to the public but there is the need for the Assembly to provide adequate slaughter slabs to ensure that the animals are slaughtered under hyginic circumstances.}