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Independence Day

Independence Day! Independence Day!!

Harry! Ghana is fifty – five years old today.

Praise be to God! Praise be to God Almighty!

But are we really Independent?

Oh, yes we are!

No, we are not.

How can we be Independent, when we disrespect our culture?

How can we be Independent, when we custodians of our culture, of our identity fight among themselves

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because of terminal power?

How can we be Independent, when we husbands beat and butcher our wives to death?

How can we be Independent, when we irresponsibly litter our gutters and streets with abandoned babies and infants?

How can we be Independent, when poverty and starvation steal our joy?

How can we be Independent, when dishonesty and crave for money eat us up?

How can we be Independent, when laziness, pride and arrogance have become fashionable clothes that we wear in this land of our birth?

How can we say we are Independent, when dirt and filth swallow us up in our communities?

How can we be Independent, when hatred and bitterness fill our hearts day in day out?

How can we be Independent, when we the youth, disrespect authority, law and order?

Indeed the centre cannot hold.

The people of Teshie – Nungua say this is the time to change!

From Teshie – Nungua, one finds Ledzokuku – Krowor,

And in Ledzokuku – Krowor, one finds Teshie – Nungua.

Teshie- under the rock.

And what is under the rock?

“Nyuun gba” sweet water” pure water”

Teshie – Nungua is the sweet water under the rock why don’t we join hands to fight all forms of negativity in Ledzokuku – Krowor Municipality to make life sweet for everybody and the rock upon which all other districts in Ghana will lean upon.

This is the time to change. Time to do something positive for Mother Ghana.


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